Barefaced & Powerful

March 9th, 2017


It was a complete chance that we organised this shoot on International Women’s Day. But it ended up being extremely relevant in what we were trying to communicate with these photos.

Mania messaged me a few days ago, after she got to Montreal, about wanting to take photos. She was pretty open about all the ideas I had, and only had one thing she really wanted to include:

She didn’t want to wear any makeup.

And for you reading this, you think this probably sounds dumb. Whats the difference between wearing a full face of makeup and going barefaced.

It’s about confidence.

And considering it was International Women’s Day, it thought it was extremely relevant. She was putting herself out there, stepping out of the comfort zone that makeup creates for women and just went natural.

And I thought it was so empowering.

So we walked up to Montreal’s Plateau and took photos and afterwards we sat in a cafe over coffee and a brownie to edit the photos. And we were both so happy with the turn out.

And I was so proud of her for allowing me to capture her in this place that many women consider vulnerable. Because makeup is something we use to gain confidence. To hide behind. And even if you wear makeup, even if you don’t, I always think it’s important to do what makes you feel comfortable. And powerful.

And yesterday was about that. Mania is one of the many powerful and inspiring women I know in my life. And this set of photos captures this.

So happy International Women’s Day.

Don’t forget how powerful and badass we women are.

(Mania: Instagram, Youtube)


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