Sundays: A Photo Journal


I’m slightly embarrassed but at the same time not about the fact that we do the same thing basically every Sunday. And that involved taking over a table at a cafe for at least 3 hours and order an assortment of coffee and pastries. We usually go with the idea of getting work done and studying but that usually goes down the drain after an hour, and we resort to people watching and playing scrabble.

There’s something about Sundays that I love. The vibe, the energy around it. It’s slow, warm, comfortable. It makes you want to sit cross-legged as you drink your soy latte and listen to the slow rumble of the espresso machine.

It’s still cold in Montreal. Freezing in fact. Yesterday we hit -25 degrees. But today when we got up, we decided to brave the weather. We wrapped ourselves in our scarves, crammed our backpacks full of notebooks, took the metro to another cafe, and got into our little Sunday habits.

And it’s nice.


@ Chez Boris Cafe

(Eva: Instagram)

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