March Favorites

Here’s a little overview of the things I’ve been doing during the month of March

wearingKanken Backpack: ok yes I’m putting myself into the art kid aesthetic that people assume when they see a Kanken, but let me tell you how very great those little things are. I can fit everything. and I mean everything. If you know me, you know I carry a minimum of three notebooks at all times. and my laptop. and my pens. and a book. and paper. and a camera or two. So you gotta understand that my Kanken is the only thing that can hold all these things and therefore my most prized possession at this point.

Doc Martens: when I moved to Canada, I expected the winters to be cold, but not this long ??? It’s been too many months of numbing cold and frozen sidewalks and snow covered streets, and my doc martens have not left my feet. ever. for the past 6 months. I’ve had them for 4 years now and they are so very great. 10/10 would recommend.

wearing drawing

eatingFor those who know me, you know how passionate I am about food, and lately I’ve been on one of my wild health kicks where I eat 20 million fruits and veggies a day.

But living in university residence and relying on a cafeteria is so very hard for someone like me who loves to control what goes on her plate.

So my go to has been sneaking way too much fruit back up to my room, collecting the peanut butter packets they usually have in coffee shops, buying a kilo of quick oats from the supermarket, and making oatmeal in my room.

Using the handy dandy microwave they have in the common rooms, i just chuck a bunch of oats into a bowl, add water, cook/heat that up, and then add my peanut butter and fruits. Voila, you got yourself a damn good breakfast/snack/lunch/dinner/wheneveryouwanttoeatit.

eating drawing

inspirationI’ve been exposed to so much since moving to Montreal, including endless supplies of inspiration. And I find it everywhere. Walking around in the Plateau area, sitting in coffeeshops, browsing the shelves of the Indigo bookstore. But I’ve also been relying a lot on Instagram, and social media in general. I can spend hours digging up cool accounts and finding blogs to follow and photos to get ideas from.

Two of my favorites this month:

What She Said: A blog started by two sisters. Really minimalistic but their photographs are beautiful. Very much fashion oriented. They also have an instagram for those of you who don’t like to read blogs (why are you here?)

The Messy Heads: Currently my all time favorite blog, it’s full of tips and ideas and photos and thoughs. It’s genuine and very relatable, starting by a group of friends in NYC. Their instagram is also really pretty. I just got the second issue of their magazine in the mail so I’m thinking of doing a full post on Inspiration and really get into my thought processes. Watch out for that.

I also keep finding and following people in my uni who have really cool instagram accounts and they’re so real (also because its like sometimes i see them in the hallways) and live in the same city so its nice to find other artists and people who work in the same space I do.

readingI’ve been spending all my money on nutrition books lately, so that’s mostly what I’ve been reading, including:

How Not To Die: by Michael Greger, this huge (its like 700 pages??) book takes nutrition and explores the topics and relation between food and health. It’s very medical at times, but the information in it is extremely eye-opening, and it’s actually really easy to read, and flows well.

Unmasking Superfoods: by Jennifer Sygo, this short read is more of something to have handy in your kitchen if you’re curious about some of the ingredients you have. It dives into the science behind current superfoods such as the Goji berry, Acai powder, Quinoa, and all that stuff we consider as “holy” for our health. You’ll be surprised at how much the hype behind these things is created solely by the ones selling it.

I’m also reading some books for my English Literature classes, which are yes, old, but are really good reads. And also it never hurts to read a good classic. This month’s suggestion:

The Portrait of a Lady: I’ve read Henry James before, but this book is really good, and explores the whole idea of style in literature, by never sticking to one specific style. Also if you wanna read a book about a young woman who basically breaks every social expectation people have of her, this is the one for you.

reading drawing

goingKafein: so since residence decided to somehow mess up my internet connection between my computer and the wifi, I’ve had no internet in my room, so I’ve taken that as a good excuse to go drink coffee and “do” homework in this coffeeshop, that’s right next to my university. My go to is a medium soy-latte (served in a glass because apparently that’s hip now), but when I want to splurge, I get their granola + almond milk + peanut butter smoothie and its so very good.

Chez Boris: alright listen up this place is closing at the end of April and I am devastated. I’ve been going to this coffeeshop that’s in Mile End since September, and it’s been like a safe haven. They have the best Russian donuts in existence, (flavors ranging from cinnamon, sugar, and chocolate) and also a scrabble board that you can steal for a few hours. Go with friends or alone and get some work done or just sit and observe and order 12 donuts because its really worth it.

going drawing

listeningBig Little Lies Soundtrack: if you haven’t started watching the latest HBO series you need to start. right after you read this. because its a beautiful masterpiece of television and the soundtrack is the light of my life. It’s all i’ve been listening to these past few days. Consisting of a lot of oldies and rock and alternative, it includes tracks by Elvis, Alabama Shakes, The Flaming Lips, and Frank Ocean. It’s on spotify.

Khalid’s American Teen Album: the 19-year-old released his debut album three weeks ago and its a real good time. it’s kind of R&B and Soul and a mix of a bunch of other genres that you won’t understand until you give it a listen so go go go. Some of my favorite songs of the album are Young Dumb & Broke, Another Sad Love Song, Saved, and 8TEEN.

listening drawing

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