moments caught on film

If you’ve seen me out and about, you know that I rarely leave my room without my camera, whether it be film or digital.

About three years ago, I first started working with film, and it honestly became a passion. Less of a way to shoot photography, and more of a means to capture memories. Moments in time. The little things and the big things, like waiting at the bus stop, breakfast the morning after house parties, drinking coffee, exploring abandoned buildings.

I’m someone who is extremely detail oriented. I can recall extremely precise things about moments in time, and shooting film is my way of keeping those little details alive, for them to have a physical presence.

I’ve filled 3 photo albums so far, and I’ll keep going, because I’m going to keep making memories, and who knows what I’ll capture.

Below are some of my personal favorites, captured over the last 3 years.


All these photos make me so happy.

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