“Me, My Acute Panic Disorder, & I”

A collection of poems and thoughts on my mental health, traumas, and the struggles that come with recovery. 


Before anything else, I am a writer.

These past two years have been full of growth and acknowledging my past, but most of all, it has been about giving a voice to things otherwise shunned and stigmatised.

I have a mental illness.

That is okay.

I will no longer stay silent about the things I have experienced and the way I have experienced them. I will no longer attempt to define myself without them, they are a part of me, and I take ownership of it.

This collection of writings, written over the past two years, are my voice. With them, I am attempting to create a safe space, I am attempting to say the things others cannot, or the things that some prefer not to hear.

If you feel that somebody speaking out about their mental health is an overshare, you are contributing to the stigma attached to mental illness.” – Munroe Bergdorf


I will be selling these for 10$ (+ shipping), message/email me if you would like one.


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